Boardroom Metrics’ approach to business conflict resolution quickly guides your business through challenges with quick and influential results. The goal of the process is to improve communication and reduce business losses associated with conflicts.

Is business conflict resolution right for you?

  • Are you stalled: agreements far apart or parties more entrenched?
  • Are you communicating via email to avoid face-to-face interaction?
  • Has this issue been dragging on for months, possibly years?
  • Is the disagreement consuming a large amount of your time and energy?
  • Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the problem?

If you answered yes to two or more of the above, Boardroom Metrics’ service can help. But before you get started, there are a few other prerequisites for this method to work effectively. On top of the neutral third-party that Boardroom Metrics will provide, there needs to be participation from all of the interested parties, the willingness of all parties to learn along the way and adapt creatively, as well as support from top levels of the organization.

The Process: Once the above are established, Boardroom Metrics’ business mediation and conflict resolution expert, Michael Marmur, will begin by gathering relevant background information on the situation, followed by a private, confidential conversation with each individual involved in the dispute. Then, he helps identify how these options fit with your personal risk tolerance so you can take action. Following this, a facilitated mediation discussion takes place, where parties can discuss their concerns and move toward a consensus.

Michael is patient and objective; he brings rational thinking and logic to individual perspectives. He allows each person to be heard, gains trust quickly, and creates a safe environment for people to open up on roadblock issues. Change begins to happen almost immediately, as the process becomes part of the solution, and takes no more than a few days.

The Fee: Boardroom Metrics’ business conflict resolution services are provided at a fixed fee based on the number of people involved in the dispute or conflict. This approach eliminates any concerns or distraction about being on the clock.

By using this approach, you can avoid costly litigation, which results in someone else making the decision for you. With Boardroom Metrics, you can reach answers with little disruption to your organization.

Want to hear more about the benefits of our Business Conflict Resolution service?
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