With over a decade of experience and proven results, Boardroom Metrics’ Michael Marmur has worked in some of the most complex and difficult business situations, giving him a diverse range of skills in conflict management. Here is what just a few of Michael’s clients have to say about his work:

Disagreements between business partners, a management team, or board members:

“Our organization was struggling with clarity of communication and division of responsibility at the management level. In spite of and maybe because of the close friendships of the individuals involved, an objective solution could not be arrived at. Michael provides the rare gift of giving people the experience of being listened to. He brings empathy to the situation which, when coupled with his objectivity and gut-level intuition, enables him to deliver options, choices, and clarity to the teams he works with.” – Antony W., Vice President of Scientific Development and Marketing

“I first met Michael during what appeared to be a human resource crisis. Michael came into our firm to work with the employees and get the company back on track. During his time with the employees, he soon realized there was not a human resource crisis at all; it turned out that the employees were dissatisfied due to tension between my partner and I. We had no idea.” – Patrick B., Vice President, Sales

Conflict within a team, in a complex project, between departments, or with an important supplier or customer

“Michael Marmur was instrumental in getting one of our projects back on track. In the end, all parties involved understood that a communication misunderstanding had occurred and could be resolved. I found Michael to be very professional and helpful in this situation.”– Leslie W., CEO

“My problem arose in the midst of a proposal I was making for a very desirable job. The potential client and I weren’t seeing eye-to-eye about the structure of the job itself, or the payment structure. I was about to walk away, but fortunately it occurred to me to talk it over with Michael instead. It didn’t take him long to figure out the problem. His analysis was thoughtful and the approach he suggested was astute—in fact it saved the situation.”- Andrea P., President

Family-owned business disputes

“Michael Marmur is a brilliant mediator; he has helped family business owners, partners in professional firms, and other business leaders resolve destructive conflict, even when resentments were longstanding and/or painfully bitter. Michael works quickly—he lives and breathes his clients’ conflict for the few short days it takes to resolve it – darting in and out with scheduled meetings, helpful emails, and telephone conversations that gradually and inevitably open people’s minds, and give them the insights and the grace to see things from the other’s perspective.” – Kate E., Managing Director

Impasse on a change program, marketing plan or strategy

[Michael] did an exceptional job in understanding our differing needs and built a consensus in an environment where the company was being pulled into different directions. I’ll not soon forget what you have done for us.”—Joe M., CEO

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