Here at Boardroom Metrics, we work with people in a number of industries, including retail, healthcare, CPG, financial services, telecom, high-tech, and more. And what do all of these business sectors have in common? The potential for conflict.

If conflict is occurring within your business, it’s likely that the individuals involved aren’t thinking clearly. Business conflicts are distracting, and therefore negatively impact not only relationships, but also your business’ productivity. Conflict kills more businesses than competition or the economy.

But an objective third-party can help, and that’s where Boardroom Metrics comes in.

By working with Boardroom Metrics’ business mediation and conflict resolution expert, Michael Marmur, the steps you need to take to resolve the issues will become obvious. Once you’re able to think more clearly, you’ll discover the real problems your company is facing. And only when this is accomplished, can you to meet the goals of all parties involved in the dispute.

The types of conflict Boardroom Metrics can help with:

  • Disagreements between business partners, a management team, or board members.
  • Conflict within a team, a complex project, between departments, or with an important supplier or customer.
  • Family-owned business disputes.
  • Impasse on a change program, marketing plan, or strategy.

How does it work?
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