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Leadership Coaching and Consulting

Our leadership coaches work with individual Directors, CEO’s and Founders to solve business issues, reduce stress and improve performance

Having been CEOs, Directors, Senior Executives and Consultants, we understand how challenging leadership roles can be. We also know from experience that many senior leaders miss having someone they trust for feedback and input.

We can help. All of our coaches are ex-business leaders including CEO’s and Board Chairs. They understand what leadership roles entail, what the pressures are and how to be highly effective. They provide an empathetic ear and objective sounding board for new CEO’s, experienced CEO’s and Boards of Directors.

Here are some of the situations where organizations have turned to us for leadership consulting and coaching:

  • a founder constantly battling a CEO she respected but couldn’t get along with
  • a new Board Chair frustrated and feeling hampered by the power of the long time CEO
  •  a CEO with no one to talk to seeking input on business direction
  • a high potential C-suite executive with a requirement to improve his leadership effectiveness
  • a young entrepreneur and first-time CEO seeking insight on team building and leadership

How Can We Help You?

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