The hands-on Boardroom Metrics approach to “Early Stage” Business Development incorporates the proven elements to the success of new business initiatives, namely:

“Defining the pot of gold”
Iterative Identification of  the opportunity ‘White Space’
Uncovering How to Win!
Brand Management
“Speedy go-to-market”
Crystallizing the value proposition
BRANDING the value proposition
Business Planning
“Predictable, measurable”
Financial model
Path to revenues, sustained profitability and scalability
“Make it happen”
Disciplined program and performance management
Program Adjustments: learn, adapt, build upon
Sales Development
“Suspect to prospect to loyalty”
Demand creation & Lead generation programs
Channels to early ramp
Sales process optimization
Performance Metrics
“Smart information and decisions”
Fast and relevant customer and market information
Accounting and Information architecture
Business-focused Culture
“Fast and effective use of skills”
Team building centered on business focus
Effective partnership and collaborations