Innovation Consulting

Innovation is the act of improving the cost/performance envelope of a process, product or service. Frequently, technology is seen as the key to improving performance for the same or lower cost, and technology companies in general seem to be viewed as the most innovative. However, innovation can occur without the addition of technology and major innovations are just as apt to be found in traditional manufacturing or service companies as they are in technology companies.

Why Innovation Consulting
Boardroom Metrics has observed that while many companies view themselves as being innovative, few companies have actually formalized the process of innovation. From our perspective, reactive innovation is actually just ‘business as usual’. It’s change that results from being forced to change. It’s what companies do and have done forever.

On the other hand, we view formal, proactive innovation as a competitive edge that helps companies leapfrog and stay ahead of their competition. No longer simply reacting, these companies strategically follow formal process ensuring that how they operate and what they produce is constantly pushing out the boundaries of organization, product and service performance.

Boardroom Metrics provides consulting on the strategies, tools and processes that companies can us to sustain a competitive advantage through formalized innovation.

Boardroom Metrics Innovation Consulting practice is lead by Jim Crocker.