Technology Leadership Today


IT/Technology leadership is now broadly recognized as one of the most strategic positions for any size company with clear plans and objectives for the future.

The status quo has changed from the “black box” team to “business enablement” team.

Ensuring that the IT/Technology team is strategically aligned and well integrated with the rest of the business is the responsibility of the CIO / IT Director.

Having access to the services of an interim CIO/IT Director with a highly skilled and experienced technology leader that understands the role and the responsibilities is a clear opportunity.

Benefits with an interim engagement:

–          Cost and long term flexibility.

–          Clear set of engagement deliverables.

–          Selective focus opportunities.

–          Speed of engagement.

–          Smooth transition to the “future state”.

The range of services provided by an interim leader would include:

  • Operation alignment, delivery and management

Assets, Resources, Projects, Performance, Business processes, Service delivery, Supplier relationships, Vendor contracts, IT Team

  • Infrastructure alignment and management

Application management, Network/System management, Security, Data/Storage management, Software development

  • Organization architecture

Business, Technology, Information, Technology standards, Application portfolio, Technology asset rationalization

  • Strategy and Planning

Business-Driven Technology Strategy, Strategic Budgeting and Planning, Consolidation and Standardization

  • Strategic Investment Mgmt

Portfolio and Programs, Approvals and Priorities, Project Analysis and Design, Resource management, Demand management

The interim engagement will be clear cut and well defined for the defined period and will provide all the flexibility while setting the long term/permanent goals and objectives – “The future state”.

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