At Boardroom Metrics, over 80% of our projects are driven by social media marketing. We are experts at creating and sharing content that attracts qualified leads.

Boardroom Metrics works with clients to assess the effectiveness of their current social media programs and help them implement improvements that will help them better meet their goals.

There are five key pillars of social media effectiveness:

1.      Goals.  Social media is a strategy for achieving something – we help ensure that something is well defined. It can be anything from  attracting top talent to finding new customers.

2.      Strategies. Are they consistent with the goals? The most common social media strategies are listening, broadcasting and engaging. Listening might be the wrong way or the perfect way to attract customers – we help you assess that.

3.      Tools and tactics. What are the tools and tactics? Most social media tools can be used to listen, broadcast and engage – that’s where skill and knowledge of the tools and how to use them is important. We help our clients gain first-hand experience using key tools in strategic situations so they understand the effectiveness of what they are using.

4.      Organization. What is the organization for supporting social media? Unfortunately, social media doesn’t happen itself. Investments are required to support any social media program that is effective. The most common mistakes that organizations make in their organizational planning for social media:

  • seeing social media as a part-time add-on priority
  • handing responsibility for social media execution to someone based on age, not knowledge

5.      Measurement. Many elements of social media success are easily measured – # of followers, website hits, recommendations, etc. Unfortunately, strategic level goals – improved morale, better communication, even sales are more difficult to measure. Defining and designing processes for assessing social media impact are critical for organizations to sustain social media efforts.

Boardroom Metrics Social Media Consulting Practice is lead by Bo Woloshyn. Bo is a thought-leading marketer who has worked with social media since it’s earliest days. He recognizes that social media is a tool – not a goal, and helps senior client leaders experience what it’s actually like to work with many of the leading social media tools so that they better comprehend the ability of social media to meet their business objectives.