Corporate Board Governance Trends

The problem with Corporate Governance is that it doesn’t work when it’s needed most.

Jim Crocker, CEO/Director/Founder/Speaker takes the perspective that we must learn from the mistakes of others – if Corporate Governance is to have a hope of achieving what it’s supposed to.

jimuserpicWhat others are saying about our Governance Work Sessions

“Jim clearly articulates the basic logic behind solid corporate governance – that’s unusual, and it really helped me to become a better Board Chair.”  Julia Dumanian, CEO Canadian Hearing Society

“It’s intriguing to hear governance from a CEO perspective. Given the dynamic between CEO’s and Boards – can there be anything more fundamental to understand?  Thanks for the insight, Jim.” Board Chairman, Insurance Firm

A master of straight-talk, Jim tells it like it is. He understands business, governance and people, and his unique point of view always gets me thinking.” Philip Nafekh, CA, CBV, CFO of Public and Private Canadian Companies

“Jim’s address on governance at the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association (OMIA) annual conference was thought provoking. It’s great to hear someone take a different perspective for once. Since hearing Jim speak, I find myself looking at our governance with a different mind set.” Ed Forbes, President and CEO, Dufferin Mutual Insurance Company

SESSION #1:   CEO and Board Governance Evaluation – 6-Hour Work Session

This 6-Hour interactive work Session, facilitated by Jim Crocker is separated into two segments:

  • Morning Session is focused on Board Evaluations
  • Afternoon Session is focused on CEO Evaluations

Participants will come to clearly understand the logic they need to conduct their own effective Board and CEO Evaluations.

What if there wasn’t any Board, what would be different? What are the key decisions made by the Board and what is the impact of those decisions? 

The challenge of ‘good governance’ is to get better about knowing what we don’t know.

Benefits: The “WHY” is to maximize the Board’s effectiveness in fulfilling it’s role:
– To Protect Stakeholders (RISK)
– To Set Strategy (DIRECTION)
– To Lead the Organization (CEO)

Output: Board members can leave this session fully capable of developing or adapting our tools to conduct highly effective Board and CEO Evaluations.

SESSION #2:   Fatally Flawed – Why Great Corporate Governance is a Pipe Dream and What You can Do About it

4-Hour Session facilitated by Jim Crocker

We’ve all watched with fascination and horror as some of the world’s largest companies have imploded. Publicly! In every case, these companies tanked despite the indisputable quality of the people on their Board of Directors.

In this straight-talking session, Jim Crocker shares his thought provoking insights with you – and you will come away with a totally new perspective on the fatal flaws in governance that every board must overcome if their goal is to truly protect the interests of stakeholders – and keep their collective heads above water.


  • Learn from well known businesses with great Boards who still failed and what they could have done differently
  • Discover the warning signs they overlooked
  • Gain insight from recognized business leaders on what went wrong, what continues to go wrong even in the best-intentioned organizations
  • Look at your own Governance practices with a more sensitive eye

Output: Adopt compelling, implementable and surprisingly simple ‘prescriptions’ for increasing the odds of Governance greatness in your company.

SESSION #3  Board Facilitated Work Session

6-Hour Work Session,  facilitated by Jim Crocker

The Board has fundamental responsibility for the strategic direction of the organization and for ensuring the organization is well managed.

Working together and with the CEO, Board members need to be clear on the mission, vision and values of the organization.

They must be vigilant for performance issues and ready to provide direction and guidance regarding priorities and expectations.

There are only seven questions in this work session. These are based on priority and importance.

Benefits: An inspiring work session that stimulates participation and collaboration. This simple work session  is an easy way for Board members to work together and identify opportunities for improving how they perform their Board role.

Output: Will help the Board define opportunities for improved governance as it looks forward.

SESSION #4  Board Governance Effectiveness Work Session

This 6-hour session is facilitated by Jim Crocker at your desired location or conference. We recommend that the Board effectiveness survey be filled out by every member of the Board of Directors.

Benefits: This is a comprehensive, easy-to-use work session that any Board can use to find governance gaps.

Board effectiveness and strong governance are driven by the following key elements that are measured in our survey:

  • the Board composition, nomination and succession process
  • how well the Board understands it’s responsibilities
  • the formal processes the Board uses to look after its responsibilities
  • the Board’s code of conduct and ethics guidelines
  • the orientation and development process for new Board members
  • the Director assessment process
  • the characteristics of the audit committee
  • responsibilities of the Board and Committee chairs
  • Board information and communication

Output: Our work with Boards has shown that there is a significant benefit in seeking perspective from knowledgeable outsiders. This objective point of view is important from a governance perspective, and almost always highlights areas of opportunity not obvious to the Board of Directors itself.

Contact:   Jim Crocker is available across Canada for work sessions at your place of business, off-site meetings and conferences. Please contact: [email protected] or by telephone to Karen McElroy in Toronto/GTA at 416.994.6552.