>> Define Your Organization’s Performance

Has your Board explicitly:

  • Identified the best interests of those to whom it is ultimately accountable?
  • Described a clear governance framework for performance and risk?

>> Authority

  • Is your authority legitimate?
  • Has your board created a continuing, clear and direct connection with those to whom it regards itself as ultimately accountable?

>> Expectations and Boundaries

  • Has your board communicated all its expectations to management?
  • Does the board respect the responsibilities distinct to the chief executive?
  • How do you know those expecations are being met?

>> Strategic or Operations

  • Which process do you employ to ensure the board spends the right amount of time on long term strategic issues?

>> Governance Risk and Compliance

  • Does the board have a risk policy and a statement that describes the organisation’s apetite for risk?
  • Does the board understand its role clearly?

>> Call to action:

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