Hiring a new Employee is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Are you planning to manage your own online Recruitment strategy for your New Hire?

It’s quite easy to attract online job seekers in our globally connected digital world.

However, the response to a new job posting can be overwhelming for many organizations.  Are you and your team prepared to work through hundreds or possibly thousands of new job Applicants?

If you don’t have a Human Resources department or experience screening scores of Candidates, then the hiring process quickly becomes a daunting task.

Adding a professional Recruiter to your team for a brief period  of time helps take the pressure off of your own internal staffing resources.

Our Recruitment Team helps organizations achieve their hiring goals.

We are a group of Recruitment experts who have been on both sides of the hiring desk.  Our combined efforts include 27 years of leadership involved in the full-cycle Talent Acquisition process.

If you are inundated with Applicants, our objective viewpoint and experienced solutions can help.

We collaborate with your hiring team  to understand the ‘must-have skills and experience’ required.  We also identify the ‘soft-skills’ that will complement your team. Our process ensures that we source the absolute best Candidate for the role – including that your new hire will blend well within the unique culture, environment and vision of your firm.

Our Vetting process takes under 1 week to distill down from 1000 resumes to 3 ideal candidates, including the coordination of all final face-to-face interviews.

Our Approach

*       Gather resumes, place in confidential, secure online shared drive

*       Sort Resumes into 3 sections: Yes, No, Maybe

*       Identify and Document Top 30 resumes in an Excel spread sheet

*       Rank and sort into A, B, C lists:

  • ‘A’ resumes have exact specifications and should be called.
  • ‘B’ resumes have the most requirements and may be called only after ‘A-list’ have been screened.
  • ‘C’ resumes have related skills and accomplishments and often move to the ‘maybe’ list.
  • ‘Maybe’ candidates often have impressive skills and experience related to the company but may not line up directly with this particular role. These candidates are screened after ‘A’ candidate screening and are kept in mind if the job scope changes direction.  These candidates often provide referrals to other potential Applicants.

*       Distill list down to identify top 10 Candidates for phone screening

*       Short list 3-5 ideal candidates for face-to-face interviews

*       Reference checking, background checks

*       And, ultimately; job-offer presentation

At Boardroom Metrics, we take pride in working with Clients as they grow their business.

New Hires are part of that growth process.  

Our Hiring mantra of ‘always hire the best person for the job’ rings true today.  Our team delivers on this promise.

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