Writing and Winning Government Grants


For some organizations, grant writing may seem out of their reach due to a lack of human resources or knowledge. Despite the fact that there are many grants available from the various levels of government and foundations, the competition for these funds have increased.

A successful grant application not only conveys the needed message in a concise manner, but should convince the reader the importance of the work to be done, have a strong team as well as a realistic budget.

Boardroom Metrics has a group of seasoned grant writers who can provide the following services:

  • Research the various Federal, Provincial and Regional databases for available grants with deadlines and priorities
  • Conduct research on project areas to identify future funding opportunities
  • Assist in the development of a project budget with potential sources of in-kind and cash contributors
  • Assist in the development of a work plan and time lines
  • Complete the grant application process on behalf of the client

Along with the variable priorities that are set out by the funding agencies, so is the length of time occurring between the submission and notice of success of a grant. Some may take as little as 3 months whereas larger ones may take as long as 6 months.

Grant writing services are provided and priced according to complexity. All Boardroom Metrics Grant writers are bound by written confidentiality and non-compete agreements.

Tips for Winning Grants

  • Grant funding is primarily awarded to projects that are clearly defined, time-limited, and easily evaluated
  • Be prepared; before you even consider writing a grant application, ensure you can easily access the kinds of documents required: Mission statement / Organizational chart/ Articles of Incorporation/ Audited Financial Statements/ Testimonials /Case Studies/PR Material/ Letters of Reference / Biographies and Resume’s of key personnel
  • Ask if your goal is achievable in the short term with your own resources, then develop a credible set of goals for long term success which a grant could help facilitate
  • Do you have an Operating Budget ?  Do you need a Project Budget? We can help with creating budgets for grants including: how to put a dollar figure on ‘in kind’ and volunteer help, office space, association memberships etc.
  • Ask – does an opportunity exist through collaboration with other organizations, universities or individuals to win grant funding– this may help you with added credibility or being able to have competitive pricing enabling you to meet the required deliverables
  • How you will measure success? Knowing when you get there is as important as how to get there.
  • Before you consider submitting a grant application and committing to the time required – always ask: do we meet every mandatory requirement?

We look forward to helping you write and win government funding. Prior to the commencement of every grant writing project, Boardroom Metrics will provide you with written details outlining the  pricing, scope, timing, process and outputs for your agreement to proceed.

For more information on our Grant Writing services, please contact Karen McElroy at Boardroom Metrics in Toronto/GTA-
Telephone: 1-416-994-6552   Email: [email protected]