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Interim Management

Boardroom Metrics Accomplished Executives provide organizations with experienced on-demand leadership and expertise.

Boards and CEO’s engage interim managers when they must quickly fill important leadership roles. Typically, these roles are filled on a temporary basis in order to operate or change an organization.

Boardroom Metrics Accomplished Executives make ideal interim managers. Each of them is an experienced corporate leader with specialist expertise including:

  • CEO
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Technology and IT
  • Finance
  • Human Resources

In addition, Boardroom Metrics maintains a strong, active network of corporate leaders and is able to recruit and find interim management expertise for almost any situation.

Interim management services are provided on a monthly basis. All Boardroom Metrics interim managers are bound by written confidentiality and non-compete agreements. Interim management project details including scope, timing, process and outputs are discussed in detail and agreed in writing prior to the commencement of all interim management assignments.

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