Facebook Fulfilled   –  If Facebook has become the world’s meeting place, are you maximizing its full potential?

Social Media Power Hour   –  Clear some of the confusion and build confidence in whatever direction an organization decides to take with respect to social media.

Twitter Unplugged  –   A simple and fresh perspective on Twitter that will revolutionize your entire approach to this powerful tool.

Unleashing LinkedIn – Find out what you didn’t know about LinkedIn to be successful.

Results Based Selling– It’s about getting in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right story.

Tweet dreams! Social media and the post-corporate executive.

What’s all the fuss about? Is social media really something a post-corporate executive should care about? Why and what should you do about it?

This interactive session is a must for post-corporate executives who have decided to go into speaking, coaching, consulting or interim management. Attendees will learn:

  • How Twitter and other social media platforms create awareness of your offering
  • Concrete examples showing how other post-corporate executives use social media effectively
  • Clear strategies for getting started with social media
  • A practical roadmap for measuring the results of social media

Win-Win. Corporations and Post-corporate executives

As the baby-boom cohort moves through the workplace, corporations will be left scrambling to find the talent they need at all levels. This work-shop looks at the post-corporate talent pool from the corporation’s perspective, illuminating:

  • The clear benefits of post-corporate executives – it isn’t just their expertise
  • Practical strategies for building your own post-corporate talent pool
  • Insight from real post-corporate executives on motivating and managing them for outstanding results
  • Compensation options for post-corporate executives – money isn’t everything

Reality show. How to make an effective transition to post-corporate.

Some transitions to post-corporate are planned. Others happen by necessity. Regardless of how the transition starts, there are key steps every executive should take. Otherwise the road can be unnecessarily painful. Based on learning from working with real executives in transition, this session identifies the realities of shifting to a post-corporate work-life and how to do it most effectively.

This session is ideal for executives in transition and corporations seeking to assist executives with the transition process.