Social Media Power Hour sessions are provided on a complimentary basis to organizations and teams interested in exploring social media in the context of achieving their business goals.  While standard agenda items include social media risks and best practices, Power Hour discussions are also tailored to address organization-specific interest areas.

Ultimately, the goals of Social Media Power Hour are simple: to clear some of the confusion and build confidence in whatever direction an organization decides to take with respect to social media.

Power Hours are fast-moving and fun. Each includes:

–         15 minutes: overview of social media and current Canadian corporate landscape

–         15 minutes: key risks, outcomes associated with social media

–         15 minutes: social media benefits and best practices

–         15 minutes: questions, discussion on social media, planning and execution

Bo Woloshyn, the facilitator for Social Media Power Hour is a Boardroom Metrics Accomplished Executive. Bo has introduced the strategies and tactics of social media to organizations of all shapes and sizes.  A hands-on practitioner of the strategies he teaches, Bo is famous for using Twitter to secure major North American wholesale distributors for a Central American shrimp farming entity – in less than three weeks! Bo understands the challenges that executives and organizations face when wrapping their heads around the use and execution of social media strategies.

For more information on Social Media Power Hour, please contact Karen McElroy by email: [email protected] or phone: 416-994-6552.

For more information on Bo Woloshyn, see his profile on the Boardroom Metrics Accomplished Executive Team page.

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