Jim Crocker speaks to audiences on topics that are timely and interesting. Frequently his take on these topics is unique and thought provoking.

For example in his speech ‘Fatally Flawed: Why Great Corporate Governance is Impossible’, Jim uses live examples from high profile corporate failures to demonstrate that good governance is a nice concept that even great Boards can’t achieve.  Jim uses his insight from experienced Board Directors, governance consulting and his own Board experiences to suggest four unique ‘prescriptions’ that Boards – and Directors – should adopt to ensure their best shot at greatness.  The audience for this speech is corporate Boards and corporate Directors or organizations that work with corporate Boards and Directors to oversee or help them implement strong governance practices.

Another popular speech that Jim delivers is  ‘Smoking Hot: How to Go From Corporate Star to Post-Corporate Superstar’. As an ex-corporate CEO who’s made the transition to entrepreneur, Jim now spends much of his time with senior, talented executives facing the same challenges. His learning – that there’s lots of damage, stop being what everyone else wants to be, and get working on it while you’ve still got your mojo – is insightful, provocative and motivating.  The audience for this speech is individuals contemplating, planning or in the midst of a corporate transition, particularly to a post-corporate work-stlyle. Also, any organizations or company resource departments like HR that have a vested interest in providing assistance to their employees for planning and making this transition.

Finally, Jim’s speech on innovation called ‘Wake-up Call: Blazing a Generation of Great Opportunities’ blows the wraps off of traditional thinking on where to look for the next great success – and how to get there.  This time, using live examples from high profile successes, Jim demonstrates that innovation is something that any organization can become great at – and why it’s important.  Jim’s ‘three laws to outlaw lack lustre’ challenge commonly held views on keys to success – focus, risk and funding.   The audience for this speech is corporate CEO’s and entrepreneurs with a fear of stagnation and a desire to leave their competition gasping.

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