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Demand for White Paper Writing Service

Close to 90% of B2B marketers1 now engage in some form of content marketing. Content marketing is defined as providing valuable free content on-line that attracts interested customer prospects and helps convert them to become actual customers.

As more clients become experienced content marketers, demand for white paper writing services has increased significantly. Here’s some interesting facts on white papers:

  1. The top three most requested content formats by B2B buyers are: whitepapers (78%); case studies (73%) and webinars (67%)2
  2. Almost 85 percent of B2B respondents said that white papers were moderately to extremely influential in their purchasing decisions.3
  3. The 5 most important marketing tactics for B2B businesses are (in order): in-person events, webinars/webcasts, case studies, white papers and videos.4
  4. From an effectiveness perspective, content marketers rank whitepapers ahead of most other forms of on-line content including videos, newsletters, blogs and infographics.5
  5. Finally, when asked what their great challenge is, B2B marketers reported ‘producing engaging content’ as the top challenge they are facing.6

Boardroom Metrics White Paper Writing Services

Boardroom Metrics provides expert white paper writing services to organizations seeking to outsource the design and creation of white papers.

There are five key reasons why companies choose to outsource their white paper creation to Boardroom Metrics

  • They’ve never done one before and want to get it right
  • Lack the internal expertise or resources to write a white paper
  • Want to improve the quality level of their white papers
  • Want to use white papers as a lead magnet on their website
  • Desire a greater sales response from their white papers

Our expert copywriters have a broad range of sector expertise, having created white papers for organizations in technology, tourism, manufacturing, financial services and many others.

Our Approach to Writing White Papers

Our goal is to keep the writing of white papers simple and stress-free for our clients.

Step 1 – briefing from your team, usually by marketing or business development – what are the goals of the white paper? who is the audience? what problem does your solution solve? what is your solution? What actions do you want readers to take?

Step 2 – develop a draft outline of the white paper in the style that best suits the goals, and maps out all of the required sections, and key messaging points for each.

Step 3 – get buy-off on the draft outline and begin writing the key content for each section.

Step 4 – based on input from your team, revise the content (and the flow as required) and prep the white paper for publishing, including sourcing of relevant images and professional design layout.

Step 5 – final approval of the whitepaper and launch

When completed, your white paper will be professionally formatted, grammatically correct, properly titled and optimized for web searches, support your marketing direction, engage your audience, and enhance their buying process.

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