The typical steps of an interim management assignment include:

  1. the organization recognizes the need for a new resource
  2. makes the decision to use a part-time, contract or interim resource instead of committing to a new FTE
  3. writes a position description that includes desired outcomes and timing
  4. sets a budget – the budget needs to include $ for recruiting, the interim management fee and interim manager expenses like travel
  5. find and engage the interim manager using a contract that stipulates role, responsibilities, duration, fee, payment terms, confidentiality, non-compete and terms and conditions for ending the contract prematurely
  6. on-boards the interim manager into the organization
  7. defines outcomes and approach to week 1
  8. reviews progress and week 1 experience
  9. sets regular formal management and review sessions
  10. monitors progress and adjust approach
  11. completes desired outcomes
  12. ends interim manager role and wrap up financial obligations