About Boardroom Metrics

About Boardroom Metrics

Boardroom Metrics was founded in 1994 as a full-service management consulting company focused on strategy and operating challenges. In 2008 we formally recognized demand from post-corporate executives and freelance consultants for marketing support and interim management opportunities.

This collaboration with post-corporate and successful freelance consultants proved very rewarding.  Initially, it enabled us to broaden our services – helping us develop expertise in technology consulting, social media, RFP writing, organizational change and other areas. Over time it also helped us become more focused as it became clear where client demand and unique expertise were best matched.

Today, Boardroom Metrics retains significant, unique expertise in areas like social media marketing and branding. However, our core consulting focus is now significantly more limited: to corporate governance and RFP writing.

Corporate Governance Consulting

Jim Crocker leads the corporate governance practice at Boardroom Metrics. Jim’s background as a CEO, Director, Consultant and writer/speaker provides refreshing insight and an effective, uncomplicated approach to strong Governance oversight. From Jim’s perspective, almost all Boards can be more effective by narrowing their focus on risk, strategy and performance management of the CEO. Jim helps CEO’s, Chairs, Boards of Directors and Leadership Teams understand their individual and group governance role(s); evaluate their effectiveness; organize strategic priorities and implement Corporate Governance best practices.

Boardroom Metrics Governance Service Offerings

  1. Board and CEO Evaluations
  2. Governance Education
  3. Governance Consulting
  4. Governance Writing including Corporate Reporting Documents

Business Writing Services

Karen McElroy leads the business writing practice. In 2008, our professional writing services experienced a dramatic surge in demand. In recognition of this, Karen pivoted from matching C-suite execs with Interim roles, to leading a growing team of Business Writers. To support the volume of clients seeking outsource expertise to respond professionally to formal requests for proposals (RFPs), the team today includes eight RFP writers, two Graphic Designers and two Project Managers. To date, our clients have been awarded over three-billion-dollars in RFP-driven contracts.

Business Writing Service Offering

  • RFP proposal writing and response – all industries
  • RFP proposal writing education and training
  • Social Media content including Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms
  • Corporate Communications including executive speech writing

About our Home Page

Our homepage is extremely valuable from a search engine optimization perspective. The clearer and more focused it is, the more traffic it attracts. However, presenting multiple services rendered it mostly useless for either governance or RFP writing – so we picked one: RFP response writing. As a result it may seem we’re only focused on RFP’s. We’re not. The reason it works is most users don’t come through the home page anyways – they arrive through blogs and many other pages based on what they’ve searched for.

Other Background

Boardroom Metrics head office is located in the greater Toronto area. Our Consultants are located in Canada and the US. 

For more information please contact us by phone 1-416-994-6552 or email [email protected]

Our Offerings

Board consulting and education on governance effectiveness and strategy.

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Responding to and winning RFP’s demands unique expertise. Outsourcing RFP Proposal Writing is a cost effective solution for achieving RFP results.

Meet the Boardroom Metrics™ corporate team

Jim Crocker
Jim CrockerCorporate Governance and Strategy
Karen McElroy
Karen McElroyCEO, RFP Practice Leader
Bo Woloshyn
Bo WoloshynSocial Media Strategy
Ken Steven
Ken StevenStrategy and Branding