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Boardroom Metrics works with Nonprofit Boards across North America on Board and CEO Performance Assessments.

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This Nonprofit Board Self Assessment form is a Fillable PDF.  Being fillable makes it easy to collect and analyze Director and other feedback on nonprofit Board effectiveness. It can be downloaded and used immediately.

Contained in this nonprofit Board self assessment are twenty survey questions including role of the Board, governance oversight effectiveness and Board operations. These are the same assessment questions we customize for use with our nonprofit clients. They provide simple, yet clear insight on how well the Board understands its role and where there are opportunities to improve governance effectiveness. Data can and should be collected confidentially for best results.

Price for this nonprofit Board self assessment is $5.99 USD. Single or multiple copies. Once purchased, the download link can be shared with everyone completing the survey for 48 hours. Satisfaction guarantee. Full refund if not completely satisfied.

Nonprofit Board Self Assessment Form

This nonprofit Board self-assessment is a fillable PDF form that makes it easy for nonprofit Boards to assess their governance effectiveness.

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  1. It is immediately usable. There is no time or effort required to duplicate or edit the form or to develop governance evaluation criteria.
  2. Data collected is both quantitative (ratings) and qualitative (feedback). This enhances assessment quality and results.
  3. Multiple copies can be downloaded. The download link can be shared with the Board for 48 hours at no extra cost.
  4. Easy to follow instructions for completing the Board evaluation and evaluating the results are included.

Adobe Acrobat is required to view and use this fillable template. For those that don’t already have Acrobat installed, here is a link to the free version for download.

“This is the best self-assessment tool our Board has ever used.”

Objectives of the Nonprofit Board Self Assessment Process

The key objectives of the nonprofit Board self assessment process are to measure current governance effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement. Most Board assessments are conducted annually. Regular monitoring helps the Board maintain and improve its governance effectiveness. It also helps the Board measure progress against planned improvements from previous Board evaluations.

Specific Goals of the Nonprofit Board Self Assessment

  • Measure Board and CEO understanding of the Board’s role, its governance oversight responsibilities and Board operations
  • Define opportunities for aligning the Board with its role and identify opportunities for improving Board operations
  • Construct and monitor a plan for maintaining, increasing Board effectiveness
  • Enhance the relationship between the Board and the CEO
  • Assist the Board in fulfilling its primary governance duty of ensuring that the organization is well lead

Tip for Using the Fillable Nonprofit Board Self Assessment

  1. Include the CEO in the Board Assessment process. In fact, it is helpful to include anyone who works closely enough with the Board to have an informed perspective. Including people who don’t have close insight can lead to questionable feedback.
  2. Ensure that all responses and feedback are confidential. Participants will not respond honestly if they fear that their responses may become public.
  3. Allow a reasonable time period  (not too long, not too short) for participants to complete and return the Fillable Board Evaluation Survey Template. A couple of days is too little time. A couple of weeks is too much time.
  4. Once all the nonprofit Board assessment feedback has been gathered using the fillable form, results should be summarized and presented to the Board. Typically this is handled by the Governance Committee (or an outside consultant).
  5. The outcome of a successful Board evaluation should be a plan to address opportunities for improving governance effectiveness.

Other Board Evaluation Template Support

Expert assistance implementing custom, on-line Board and CEO Evaluations

The  CUSTOM BOARD AND CEO EVALUATION SERVICE is designed for Boards who need help developing and implementing a custom Board or CEO evaluation. Evaluations can be developed specifically for any organization. In addition, Boardroom Metrics eliminates additional Board effort and cost by implementing the evaluation process ON-LINE. All the Board needs to do is interpret the results.

For more information on the custom Board and CEO evaluation services email [email protected] or call 416-994-6552.

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