This Board Evaluation Template is the same fillable tool we customize when conducting Board Evaluations for clients. Results from this Board Evaluation help measure Director’s understanding of corporate governance and the Board’s role. It also gathers their ratings and feedback on the factors impacting Corporate Governance effectiveness: Board composition, information, processes like Board meetings and new Director on-boarding, leadership, and Board culture.

Verification is a Key Differentiator of this Board Evaluation Template

This is a very effective Board evaluation template. One of its key differentiators is the verification question associated with each of the ratings. The purpose of the verification question is not just to ‘test’ a respondent’s rating, but to gather additional, valuable insight.

For example, one of the questions is how well a Director understands the Board’s governance role. It is common for Directors to rate themselves well on this.

However, the follow-up question is ‘please describe your understanding of the Board’s role’. Answers here highlight a couple of things. First, to determine each Directors actual understanding (regardless of rating). Fixing this could be a huge opportunity to improve governance effectiveness.

Second, it highlights whether the Board’s understanding is consistent. On many Boards it isn’t. It is difficult for a Board to be effective if everyone has a different understanding of the Board’s role.

Board Evaluation Fillable Template


Being Fillable is Another Key Differentiator

Another key differentiator of this Board Evaluation Template is that it is fillable. No additional work is required to download and use it immediately. It can be filled out using a phone, laptop or desktop computer. Completed evaluations can be returned by email to the co-ordinator. Adobe Acrobat (free version and often already installed) is required to use the fillable PDF.

For Boards who would prefer an on-line version, Boardroom Metrics can help transition the template to an on-line survey tool.

Board Evaluation Template Details

There are twenty evaluation Board evaluation criteria that this template measures.

  • The first three questions measure Directors’ understanding of the Governance role
  • The next four measure understanding of oversight responsibilities including how the Board handles risk, strategy and the CEO
  • The next eleven questions measure the elements of Board operating effectiveness. These include Board composition, information, processes like Board meetings, leadership and Board culture.
  • The final three questions provide general oversight

Detailed instructions for administering the Board evaluation are also included, along with valuable insight from working with clients on Board evaluations.

Pricing Includes Everyone

Price is $9.99 USD. However, once purchased, the download link is good for 48 hours. It can be sent to everyone participating in the evaluation process.

Administering the Board Evaluation Template

This Board evaluation template can be self-administered by the Board or through an outside evaluator. Boardroom Metrics can assist if required. Here is more information on our evaluation design and administration services.

Board Evaluation Fillable Template