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The Boardroom Metrics Governance and Strategy Store is an on-line source for governance and strategy tools and merchandise. The evolution in e-commerce platforms – we use Shopify – makes it easy to source and fulfill physical as well as digital orders.

Digital Governance Tool Downloads

Boardroom Metrics has been selling governance tools on-line for a few years now. Our CEO Evaluation Template is the most popular download we sell. In the past, we used to give away versions of our Board and CEO evaluation tools for free. However, we’re now selling the same tools we use when we work with clients (client versions are customized). These tools are more complete than the free versions. We are concerned about governance and strategy effectiveness (we see a lot of performance gaps) and decided we’re more comfortable selling high-quality tools vs. giving away ones that are inferior.

Digital evaluations for sale on the Governance and Strategy Store include our Board Evaluation Template, our CEO Template and, a Premium Governance Package that includes both. Both are fillable forms that any Board can use as is, or they can easily be input to Survey Monkey or other on-line survey tools. We know that Directors are very comfortable using on-line survey platforms as it increases their sense of confidentiality.

In the future we will be adding other digital downloads to the store. Some will be free, especially if they are educational in nature (PPT on corporate governance).

Governance and Strategy Themed Merchandise

Additionally, we are experimenting with physical merchandise on the Boardroom Metrics Governance and Strategy Store. Currently, that includes caps (Board Chair, CEO, CFO) and coffee mugs (governance and strategy related). Interestingly, the suppliers we use to order, make and ship our merchandise make it possible to source just about anything from all over the world. So, we are wide open to custom requests for merchandise that isn’t shown on the store. Just let us know. We own versions of all the merchandise currently for sale. The quality is excellent.

One note on our Shopify Store. As we are just transitioning to Shopify and we are uncertain of just about everything (we believe the only way to learn is to jump in), we are using a Shopify store that we’re also using for non-business merchandise. It’s called Beer River is the affectionate name for the small Canadian town I grew up in. If you order from the Governance and Strategy Store, don’t be shocked to see Beer River show up on your receipt (you won’t actually go to the store when you order). And if you’re looking for printed art or a fun t-shirt – well, now you know where to look.

In addition to the Governance and Strategy Store on Boardroom Metrics, there’s also an RFP Writer Store (writing RFPs in an interesting niche part of our business). The RFP Writer Store has tools and merchandise for RFP writers and companies seeking help writing RFP’s.

Don’t hesitate to reach out re the Governance and Strategy Store or the RFP Writer Store. We are pleased to be moving into the world of e-commerce (it’s knowledge that will help our clients) and we are wide open to ideas, thoughts and other input.