Staffing Agency RFP Vendor of Record

This Staffing Agency Vendor of Record (VOR) Ontario Update comes at a good time. This week alone, the Ontario government announced an additional $673 million towards staffing Long-Term Care (LTC) homes across the province.

Becoming a staffing agency Vendor of Record requires some effort to get things organized, but it’s well worth it – especially if you are a Staffing firm.

Sitting under the responsibility of the Ontario Public Service (OPS) and Broader Public Service (BPS), procurement directives worth billions of dollars are awarded annually. Much of that goes to staffing agencies who are vendors of record.

A Vendor of Record is vendor that meets the requirements of the government procurement directive. This is typically established through a successful Request for Proposal (RFP) process. A VOR arrangement allows a vendor – and usually other vendors who meet the requirements – to offer specific goods or services when the government requires them. This arrangement is valid for a defined time period, with defined terms and conditions and pricing.

Typically, VOR arrangements for Staffing Agencies are to provide qualified workers for temporary and permanent positions, both onsite and offsite.

So, who needs all this staff?


-Government Ministries

-Government Agencies

-Every Schoolboard, University, College

-Healthcare facilities; Hospitals, Long Term Care, Assisted Care

-Children’s Aid Societies, Community Care Access Corporations

This is excellent news for LTC residents. This is also excellent news for Staffing Agencies given that there is still enough time to get your company listed on the Ontario Government’s Vendor of Record list(s).

Ontario Vendor of Record Preparation for Staffing Agencies

How to prepare your staffing agency for responding to VOR requests and what you will need:

  • Register with the Ontario Government and fill out the online forms (see links below)
  • Document your company’s processes for how your Agency:

-Recruit and Screen Candidates

-Verify credentials

-Verify candidates work experience

-Testing (if required for the role)

-Background Criminal Records Check

-Process for Temporary staff turning to Permanent

-Procedure for Placement/Replacement of candidates

  • Information about your company, including:

-Company summary Profile

-Organizational Chart

-Key Resumes

  • Record Keeping/Confidentiality procedures
  • Time Tracking/Invoicing process
  • List of References (3)
  • Hourly Pricing Schedules by job title: IT/PSWs/Admin/Nursing and other positions in your areas of specialty?
  • Proof of Insurance(s)
  • Proof of good standing under the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Act
  • Compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and regulations
  • Supply Chain Code of Ethics: Personal Integrity and Professionalism/Accountability & Transparency / Compliance & Continuous Improvement
  • Understanding of the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA)
  • Scope of Work Template
  • List of Differentiators (why they should choose your Agency over others)
  • Financial Information: Annual Report, Banking information and Guarantees are required for most contract awards.

Ontario Vendor of Record Registration for Staffing Agencies

1) To register on the Ontario Government authorized Jaggaer Portal, click here, it’s free:

2) Bonfire: – free

3) Biddingo:*.main?toPage=SrBrowserReg.jsp $250/year

What happens after your Staffing Agency gets chosen as a Vendor of Record?

Once you have made it onto a VOR list, you may be invited to respond to request for services in a number of ways:

-Request for Proposal (RFP)

-Standing Offer (SO)

-Request for Quotation (RFQ)

All of these requests require a formal proposal response from qualified vendors.

We recommend that you register with the appropriate online portals to receive automated notices about requests being issued. For another competitive advantage for your Staffing Agency, we highly recommend that you continuously monitor the online portals independently – as many VORs/RFPs/RFQs/SOs get posted that were not put on any automated notification list.

Getting organized and having your Staffing corporate profile ready and registering on the Ontario Government websites are a great way to launch into the Vendor of Record process.

VOR RFP Process Assistance

If you and your team require any help navigating the Vendor of Record proposal process our team at Boardroom Metrics can help. We have expertise working with staffing agencies and the Ontario government process. Our writers are experienced professionals. We are here to help you develop a wining proposal response – and we are happy to help.

Good luck!