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Corporate Governance and RFP Proposal Writing

Boardroom Metrics Consulting

Our consulting solutions have evolved over the years as our clients and expertise have evolved.

Boardroom Metrics was founded over twenty years ago as a full-service management consulting company focused on strategy and operations. In 2008 we formally recognized demand from post-corporate executives and independent consultants to provide them with marketing support and interim management opportunities.

This collaboration with post-corporate and successful independent consultants proved very rewarding.  Initially, it enabled us to broaden our services even further – helping us develop expertise in technology consulting, social media, RFP writing, organizational change and other areas. Over time – and somewhat ironically – it also helped us become more focused as it became clear where client demand and unique expertise were best matched.

Over the past ten years our business become significantly more focused.

Today, Boardroom Metrics retains significant, unique expertise in areas like social media marketing and branding. In fact, our on-line brand drives the majority of our new business. However, our core consulting focus is now significantly more limited: to corporate governance and RFP writing.

Corporate Governance

Our approach to corporate governance began long before we developed a governance consulting practice. As the CEO of a publicly-listed company, Boardroom Metrics founder Jim Crocker observed up-close the challenges faced by a hard-working Board to execute the governance function. Convinced that most Boards lack a common understanding of the Board’s role – despite the growing prevalence of governance interest and education –  Jim focused on helping clients understand the three basics of corporate governance: risk, strategy and performance of the CEO. The approach gained immediate acceptance, particularly with Associations and other private business groups in the United States and Canada. Many organizations are maturing, and Boards of Directors are moving away from operations towards governance oversight. Board governance and strategy consulting go hand in hand. Boards seeking strong corporate governance are recognizing their role in strategic planning and risk mitigation.

RFP Writing, Proposal Response

Our RFP writing, proposal response practice is a direct result of our collaboration with a successful post-corporate executive. Boardroom Metrics original RFP writer was the ex-COO of a large Toronto law firm. Encouraged to focus on a key skill that had a significant impact on the law practice, the ex-COO settled on RFP response writing. Now, the Boardroom Metrics RFP writing team includes eight professional writers, two graphic designers and a project co-ordinator. The range of client industries is broad – from construction to software. Clients are in the US and Canada. Clients always ask how we can work in such a wide range of organization. The key is simple – clients will always be more expert in their business than we are – and we rely on that. We are experts in responding to RFP’s – and clients can rely on us for that.

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