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Boardroom Metrics provides Business Writing,  Editing and Corporate Communications services to clients in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Business Writing Services Background

This unique business writing service originally began with our RFP writers. As clients became comfortable with outsourcing their proposal writing to us, many began inquiring about other written content for:

  • press releases
  • published articles
  • annual reports
  • website content
  • blogs
  • marketing collateral
  • speeches
  • presentations
  • white papers

There are several common reasons why organizations now outsource their business writing work to Boardroom Metrics now, including:

  1. Lack of internal writing expertise. While every organization employs people knowledgeable about their business, not all of them employ people with the wide range of writing skills required by marketers, sales people and senior managers. RFP’s, web copy and marketing content are all written differently. Our people know how to do that.
  2. Short time line for project completion. We are in the urgency business. Many of the writing requests we get are last minute and unexpected. Our team works 24/7 to meet the urgent requirement of our clients.
  3. Business knowledge. All of our writers are senior, experienced corporate business people. Most have at least ten years of corporate experience. They understand business and how businesses think and operate.

Business Writing Project Management

Integral to all of business writing services is the ability to manage the writing project from start through to completion. We understand the controls and time pressures, and we take into consideration the smallest of details to ensure the highest quality outcome.

We work with Public companies, Entrepreneurs, Professional Service firms, Private companies, Associations and Not for Profit Agencies.

Our approach is based on understanding what our clients want to achieve with their business writing projects. We work both strategically (to capture the why) and tactically (the best way to get it done).

Meet Sarah Staples – Business Writer, Editor, Corporate Communications Consultant

A print and digital journalist for nearly twenty-five years, Sarah started as a reporter for Canada’s largest chain, PostMedia. Today, Sarah is a freelance feature writer and photographer for magazines, newspapers and digital media; and the recipient of 28 awards, nominations and fellowships for journalism and editorial photography. Clients hire Sarah to:

  • Identify compelling storylines within their company
  • Identify and reach out to select media outlets and reporters
  • Produce media communications, e.g. story pitches, news releases, news advisories,talking points, press statements
  • Advise on when and when not to seek coverage
  • Develop communications products that emphasize positive news and company achievements
  • Advise on an effective response to negative press (crisis communications)

The Business Writing services we provide, include:

  • Analyzing and interpreting the goals of each project
  • Conducting research within the organization, with clients and elsewhere to understand the best tactical writing approach for achieving the strategic content goals
  • Create a re-useable writing template for various forms of written content
  • Creating a reusable library of boilerplate for your organization including Company Profile, Biographies, Success Stories and Testimonials
  • Writing and Editing expertise
  • Auditing past and current written content
  • Developing written content strategies for different parts of the organization and different forms of content
  • Bringing a fresh set of eyes and providing an objective, independent, professional view point to any piece of written content.

All our business writing services are provided on an hourly basis. Each of our writers is bound by a written confidentiality and non-compete agreement.

All business writing project details including scope, timing, process and outputs are discussed in detail and agreed in writing with you, prior to the commencement of any work.

Presentation, Speech and Document Graphics Design Services

One of the simplest, most effective ways that your writing project and in-person presentation can stand out is through the use of professional graphics and design elements. There are several common proposal elements that can be uniquely enhanced through professional design:

  1. Simplifying complex processes.
  2. Illustrating product and service offerings.
  3. Identifying locations.
  4. Making standard pie charts and graphs more interesting.
  5. Highlighting your management team.
  6. Conveying an overall feeling about your business.

These services can be engaged separately or as part of any business writing project.

Make your next business writing project stand out.

Contact us to find out how we can help you. Toll Free US and Canada 1-888-414-1726 or 416-994-6552.
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The Boardroom Metrics Business Writing Team

Sarah Staples
Sarah StaplesWriter, Editor, Media Consultant
Sarah is a highly experienced business writer/editor, able to execute projects from concept to completion. A print and digital journalist for nearly twenty-five years Sarah started as a reporter for Canada’s largest chain, Postmedia. She has received over 25 awards, nominations and fellowships for journalism and editorial photography. Sarah is located in Montreal.
Dean Lukehart
Dean LukehartSenior RFP and Marketing Writer
Dean is located in Atlanta, Georgia. He earned a Journalism Degree from Penn State University, and brings over 25 years of business development success in leadership roles with influential Advertising and Marketing Agencies.
Jim Crocker
Jim CrockerExecutive Writer, Chair of Boardroom Metrics
Senior clients engage Jim to write their personal profiles, blog posts, Board presentations and speeches. As an experienced senior executive and skilled writer, clients trust Jim to capture the corporate nuances and personal personal perspectives in important written documents.

Business Writing and Media Relations Testimonials

Jim. Thank you. I’ve trusted you with some of my most important corporate communications. Your clear, direct style is the way I want to communicate. You’re really efficient and you make the process simple. J
Julia, President NFP
Until we started working with Sarah, we didn’t think we needed any help. She helped us with a complex piece and a short deadline. Now, we use her for everything. She really understands corporate communications.
Shane, Director of Communications, Healthcare
Karen. Thank you for introducing us to Sarah. When we reached out we had never used an outside company before. However, Sarah really helped us get clear on our media strategy and created the interest we were looking for. You promised the us an efficient process and it was. Thank you again.
Janice, President Professional Services Company

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