Boardroom Metrics writes corporate policies and procedures for clients in Toronto, across Canada and the United States

Corporate Policy and Procedure Writing Services

Boardroom Metrics professional writing team was first formed to help clients write RFP responses. We have a team of eight who do that. They are located in Toronto and other locations in North America.

A common element of many RFP responses is the need to demonstrate strong, specific corporate policies and procedures that are requested by the issuer. Generally, when these policies and procedures are requested, they are a mandatory requirement for winning the RFP.

It is not uncommon for RFP issuers to request policies and procedures that bidders do not have. That is when bidders turn to us – often with little time – to write the mandatory policies and procedures for them.

It is Better to Write Corporate Policies and Procedures Proactively

Although we are pleased to help organizations like RFP bidders write policies and procedures when they are requested, it is obviously better for most organizations to write them in advance of being requested – or required. In many cases, strong corporate policies and procedures are critical operationally (and legally) in the business. Operating without them – whether they are requested for sales purposes or not,  is dangerous.

In the case of RFP bidders and others who develop policies and procedures to meet client requirements, proactivity is still a huge benefit. Many of the requirements can be anticipated and having the policies and procedures pre-written is a significant potential competitive advantage.

As a result, we advise all of our clients that proactively writing important policies and procedures is a critical corporate and business development best-practice.

List of important corporate policies, procedures and other corporate documents that we have experience writing

  • Corporate Code of Ethics
  • Company Vision
  • Mission Statement
  • Client Bill of Rights
  • Conflict Management Plan (between the Delore staff and the student/parent/teacher/ school administrator)
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Standards (includes employee performance management)
  • Confidentiality and Privacy Policy
  • Planned Approaches for Client form (assessment from medical professional, medications, behaviours of concern and intervention/mitigation, etc.)
  • Recruitment and Hiring Policy and Procedures (criminal background checks, licensed and certified staff)
  • Onboarding and Orientation Procedures
  • Training Policy and Procedures (includes empathy training, positive reinforcement, etc.)
  • Client Vulnerability Assessment Procedures
  • Critical Incident Mandatory Reporting Policy
  • Critical Incident Reporting Procedures (includes Abuse to Client Reporting Procedure and Abuse/Harm to Employee Response Procedures, Incident Report form)
  • Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol for Persons With Developmental Disabilities (includes responses when the client discloses abuse from others)
  • Urgent and Emergency Contact Information
  • Incident De-escalation Procedures
  • On-Call Procedure for Frontline Staff
  • Attendance Policy
  • Attendance Procedures (guidelines for tardiness, vacation time, sick leave, appointments and paid volunteer hours, advance notice for booking time off, time sheet)
  • Employee Code of Conduct Policy (drug and alcohol, smoking, performance management, discipline, appearance, trustworthiness, respect, speech, non-verbal actions)
  • Employee Conduct and Practices (includes general query/concern, staff change request form)
  • Client Complaint Management and Response
  • Employee Roles and Responsibilities
  • Daily Shift Reporting Policy and Procedures
  • Records Management Policy and Procedures
  • Harassment and Discrimination Policy (sexual harassment, bullying, racism, verbal and physical harassment, stalking, hiring discrimination, workplace discrimination, etc.)
  • Harassment and Discrimination Procedures (reporting, etc.)
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Health and Safety Procedures (illness or injury at work, vaccinations, treatment, equipment safety guidelines and how to report a health or safety concern, emergency response)
  • Cellphone Usage Policy
  • Internet and Social Media Policy
  • Internet and Social Media Use Procedures
  • Expenses Policy and Procedures (including monthly expense sheet)
  • Use of Company Property Policy
  • Use of Company Property Procedures (electronics, medical equipment, vehicles, tools and uniforms. Include guidelines on how to care for company property, as well as how much, if any, and what types of personal use are permitted using company property)
  • Termination of Employment Policy
  • Termination of Employment Procedures
  • Sick Leave Policy
  • Recognition and Rewards Policy
  • Continuous Improvement Policy and Procedures (includes career development)
  • Visible Minorities Policy
  • Social Responsibility Policy
  • Return to Work Policy and Procedures
  • Pandemic Management Plan

How Our Corporate Policy Writers Work

We will ensure we understand your needs and review any documentation that you have already developed about a specific policy and procedure. From there we will provide a written quote. This quote will be based on our estimate of the time required to write the corporate policy or procedure and the hourly rate of the writer. The writer will be assigned to your project based on how their expertise and availability match your needs. Projects range in time from less than ten hours to over fifty. The writer will work directly with you. The project itself will be overseen by Karen McElroy, CEO of Boardroom Metrics.

Our Policies and Procedures Writer’s Library

Our policies and procedures library is extensive. We have many well-written policies and procedures that serve as a starting point and set a standard for the work we do. There are definitely circumstances where an ‘off-the-shelf’ policy or procedure is sufficient.

Generally, however, documents are originally written and/or extensively customized. This reflects the unique circumstances of the client organization. In the case of RFP responses, it also reflects the needs of the issuer. A critical risk many companies face is cutting and pasting corporate policies or procedures that leave them legally at risk because they do not reflect the organization using them.

More information on Boardroom Metrics Corporate Policies and Procedures Writing Services

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