Think he’s crazy? Donald Trump is just your typical entrepreneur.

  Flickr Image by DonkeyHotey Forget Shark Tank. For anyone who fancies themselves as a future entrepreneurial star, studying Donald Trump (just watch the nightly news) may be all you need to learn about entrepreneurial success. Here’s why. Almost every 'successful' (valuable business leading to personal gratification) entrepreneur we’ve known over the past [...]

Lessons from Executive Job Seekers

We originally wrote and posted this article on LinkedIn. However, not everyone strays onto our LinkedIn – and we think what’s here is kind of helpful so we’re reposting it here. Goal: to shorten the executive job search cycle When executives lose their jobs there are common patterns we observe them going through over the [...]

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Looking out for the Leadership Team

There are two leadership styles. Both work. One is more sustainable. The ‘smartest person’ leader has all the answers and provides all the direction. This leader attracts followers. The ‘facilitator’ depends on being surrounded by other smart people and holding them accountable. This leader attracts other leaders. Being the ‘smartest person’ often starts well. But [...]

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Insight on the Role of CEO – Blog Series by Julia Dumanian

Canadian Hearing Society CEO Julia Dumanian has an in-depth perspective on the challenges of the CEO role in today's organizations. In this blog series, Julia shares her insight on the role of the CEO. Julia Dumanian, CEO of Canadian Hearing Society When Julia was a Boardroom Metrics consultant, we asked her to document her [...]

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Julia Dumanian: Role of the CEO as Chief Relationship Officer

Julia Dumanian is the President & Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Hearing Society. In this blog she discusses her experience with the Role of the CEO as Chief Relationship Officer. Julia's complete series of blogs on the role of the CEO provide a wealth of insight for CEO's and Boards of Directors seeking more insight [...]

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Best tips to make Board strategic planning more effective

Boardroom Metrics provides corporate governance and strategy consulting to Public, Private and Not-For-Profit organizations in the United States and Canada. The five best tips to make Board strategic planning more effective. A Board has three roles: identifying and mitigating risk, validating and overseeing the strategic plan and performance managing the CEO. Regarding the strategic plan, [...]

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Cool Hacks To Get Organized At Work

Cool Hacks To Get Organized At Work Doug Fisher – Boardroom Metrics “Organized people are just too lazy to look for things” “He’s CDO, OCD with all the letters in order… as they should be” “A clean desk indicates a sick mind” You have heard all the jokes about those rare people who keep their [...]

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Five Business Lessons Learned From Baseball

Doug Fisher – Boardroom Metrics Five Business Lessons Learned From Baseball “A bad day at the ball park is better than a good day elsewhere" I love baseball! There are several passions in my stable but the American past-time is very high on the list. I watch games almost every day, read about the game, [...]

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