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About Carmen Jeffery

Carmen Jeffery is an accomplished recruiter, managing director and founder of talent recruiting company i-identify Inc. She provides full-cycle recruitment options plus an a la carte menu of Talent Acquisition services for Boardroom Metrics Clients.

Hunch-Based Selection

When a client project involves resume vetting, I always include in my proposal that I will spend 30 seconds max per resume. This is especially true if I’m vetting hundreds of documents from multiple postings. Just so you aren’t shocked, the recruiting industry average time spent on a resume is 6 seconds. I like to [...]

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Interim Management – Reinventing Yourself as a Business Professional

I often think of interim management as the rite of passage. It’s that precipice you reach in your career where you've held a number of VP Roles and the full-time jobs are just not coming in. You look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Why isn’t any one hiring me? I still have it! I’ve [...]