As we move into the next decade, senior marketing leaders and c-suite leaders are flooded with news stories revolving around fast-pacing, higher revenue-generating within a digitally-focussed environment. How do you rise above it all?  With customer-centric content.

Customer-centric content is high-quality content that targets the customer journey and stands out from competitors. Translating the customer journey to effective SEO (google key words that customers relate to) and selective digital channels (the one’s that customers are using) is critical to reaching target customers. The customer journey through content is key in today’s growing environments. Have you kept pace?

What experts say is top of mind for Customer-Centric Content and Digital Marketing in 2020  

  1. Converting website visitors
  2. Reaching them often
  3. Captivating them to drive revenue
  4. Satisfying and surpassing business and sales objectives

Do these 6 Content and Digital Marketing symptoms sound familiar?

  1. Your leads driven by your website are not converting to sales.
  2. Your web analytics are showing low engagement.
  3. Your bounce-back rate is trending higher.
  4. Your SEO page-ranking has dipped.
  5. Your content is not breaking through and may be falling on deaf ears.
  6. Your trusted relationships with customers built over time, is showing a pattern of waning engagement.


Are Your Marketing and Sales Goals Operating in a Customer-Centric Environment with Content and Digital Marketing?


Being customer-centric as a digital marketer means cutting through on-line noise with differentiation that customers notice and relate to.  How can marketers drive engagement and create better connectivity with customers? Are we giving customers the experience they need and want?

The secret to customer centric content and digital marketing lies in omni and multi-channel plans – web content, email strategy, corporate communications through presentations, white papers, case studies, video, articles, press releases and speaking engagements throughout all digital channels, including social media.


What is Relevant Content in a Customer-Centric Environment?

  • Identifying customer/client pain points and their content preferences at different stages of the customer journey
  • High-quality content evokes curiosity, confirms and alleviate fears, then provides a solution
  • Content that uncovers a mystery and educates
  • Content that deals with or addresses similar challenges
  • Asking questions and providing the answers needed to ease pain points
  • Showcases outcomes about what you’ve achieved
  • Speaks like an industry expert – because your organization is the catalyst of change and transformation
  • Tailoring communications with personalized messaging incorporating your value proposition based on strengths, highlights, knowledge and achievements
  • Content that is consistent, always relevant, and is seen often across multiple touch-points on various digital portals, including blogs and social media

Nurturing and engaging your customers through the sales and marketing funnel on your website, social media, digital portals is an important first step, but organic search (SEO) will help elevate your content even more.


SEO, GOOGLE and Customer-Centric Content

Organic page rankings are based on algorithms for greater optimization to avoid high bounce rates. If your page views have dropped dramatically, one of the most common reasons for this are content relevancy, captivating engagement and key words – content that is not customer-centric!

  • Google is intuitive and identifies high-quality content through predictive search tools and well-developed algorithms. It disqualifies lower-quality content in an organic search.
  • What do your opening paragraphs look like? Has it captured strategic key and relevant words and captivating subject titles?
    • Example google key words: “How to”, “What is”, “Where can I find”.
    • Example long-tail words: “How to improve sales exponentially”
  • Does your website contain downloads and links to relevant information such as video, articles, insights, updates, newsletter sign-up, Q&A?

Check Your Data Analytics

Digital Dashboards provide up to the minute analytics and produce metrics so that you can adapt and pivot your content, messaging and strategy.  Monitor the customer experience journey in your digital marketing daily, weekly and monthly and never miss a beat!

Communications and Marketing Departments are Busy – Outsourced Content Marketing and Strategic Communications Can Help

Effective and quality content writing takes a lot of time and it requires a strategic course to elevate business and sales objectives to the level that is needed.  Outsourced content marketing and strategic communications may be the answer. Digital marketing is fast-moving. Aligning brand vision at all multiple touch points on a daily basis can be a lot of work. Outsourcing your strategic communications at any level, for any project, at any digital channel may be the solution you need to keep pace to align and elevate both marketing and sales development  for the new decade.