CEO Succession Planning Template

This CEO Succession Planning Template is a fillable PDF form that Boards can use to plan for their next CEO.

The template download is twelve pages. Six of the pages contain fillable fields for Boards to answer the key questions around CEO succession planning. The other six provide background on CEO succession planning as well as a step-by-step guide for completing the template.

Price of this fillable template is US$4.99.

Primary benefits of using this form are:

  1. It provides a logical process for CEO succession planning and thinking that begins with an overview of the business and ends with next steps for recruiting, hiring, and developing CEO candidates.
  2. It is an easy way to gather input from multiple people on the process. The form can be emailed and downloaded to anyone participating in the CEO succession process, including the current CEO.

Adobe Acrobat is required to view and use this fillable template. For those that don’t already have Acrobat installed, here is a link to the free version for download.

Fillable CEO Succession Planning Template


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Background on CEO Succession Planning

CEO succession planning is a key Board responsibility. Although it requires Board commitment to do it proactively, it is not rocket-science. There are logical questions that Boards should answer to minimize the risk of unplanned succession and maximize the opportunity to refresh CEO talent through planned succession. This tool was prepared to help Boards deal effectively with both planned and unplanned succession.

Most Organizations Are Dissatisfied with Their Approach to CEO Succession

Study after study shows that most organizations are dissatisfied with their approach to succession planning. The biggest issue Boards face is staying committed to a proactive, continuous process when the need for a new CEO isn’t urgent. It is difficult to stay committed to a process when things are going well. However, unplanned CEO succession can happen anytime. When it does, Boards are left scrambling to find the next CEO. Organizations that stay current on succession planning minimize risk and downtime. This tool will help.

Background on Boardroom Metrics

Boardroom Metrics is governance effectiveness consulting firm. For the past 20+ years we have worked with public, private and not-for-profit organizations on Board Governance, CEO Evaluations, Board Evaluations, Board strategy and Board and CEO succession planning. We are intimately aware of the challenges that Boards face to govern effectively and appreciative of the efforts many Boards take to govern better.

Satisfaction Guaranty

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Note that this is a fillable PDF. Adobe Acrobat (free) is required in order to use the fillable elements. If Acrobat isn’t already installed on your computer, use this link to download it free.

Fillable CEO Succession Planning Template


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