Director’s Guide to Corporate Governance

Fillable Workbook and Board Self-Evaluation

This fillable Director’s Guide to Corporate Governance Workbook and Board Self-Evaluation is an ideal on-boarding tool for new Directors. It is a practical, 44 page guide to corporate governance, the Board’s role and how a Board operates effectively.

Experienced Directors will find this workbook useful for evaluating their current Board effectiveness. Each section of the Director Guide includes a fillable assessment form. Completion of all nine sections will produce an insightful and thought-provoking Board self-evaluation. No other Board evaluation tool or process is required for Boards seeking an up-to-date evaluation of their governance effectiveness.

Price for this fillable 44 page workbook is $6.99. Download single or multiple copies. The download link can be shared for 48 hours at no additional cost.

Director’s Guide to Corporate Governance


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Why Use This Director’s Guide to Corporate Governance Workbook

For over twenty years, Boardroom Metric has consulted to public, private and not-for-profit Boards on corporate governance effectiveness. We came into the business believing that most Boards of Directors over-complicate governance; that they execute it without fulling understanding it; and, that they consistently and unknowingly operate with significant corporate governance risk.

Now, we are stepping back from governance consulting. However, even as we’re stepping back, we find that our beliefs have not changed. We believe most organizations still operate with significant, unnecessary corporate governance risk. This includes large, high-profile organizations that could and should do better but do not.

If you use this workbook, you will get a practical, unvarnished education on governance and how to execute it more effectively. The perspective you come away with help you understand your Board – and others. It will help you see the governance dangers and hopefully motivate you to do something about them.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you purchase this workbook and are not completely satisfied let us know. We will refund you money immediately.

Background on Boardroom Metrics

For twenty-five years Boardroom Metrics has worked with public, private and not-for-profit organizations on Governance effectiveness including:

  • Board Evaluations
  • CEO Evaluations
  • Board and CEO succession planning
  • Board strategic planning
  • Board governance education

Fillable templates for Board Evaluations, CEO Evaluations, CEO Succession Planning and Board Governance can be downloaded from this site.

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