Should businesses invest in multimedia advertising during COVID-19?

The answer is, “YES”!

There is no doubt, that this global pandemic is affecting everyone in one way or another.  We understand how you’re feeling.  You’re uncertain of the future of your business and concerned about the health of your family, employees, customers, friends, and neighbors. We are, too.

In one swift motion, COVID-19 has disrupted the way we live and the way we do business.  Leaving us wondering, “what’s next…”?

Today, our society is incredibly technologically connected. This is far different from our battles with crises in the past. It enables us continue on much of our lives –  watching videos; shopping online; video chatting with family; working remotely; and, more!

People are Dependent on Multimedia Content

Customers genuinely want to see your content during the quarantine.  They want your Facebook messages to keep them updated and to see your ads promoting your latest products.  They want your YouTube videos, so they can learn how your service(s) can help them better their lives.  They want to read, and consume the content, potentially your content, whenever and wherever they want.

Design and visual imagery had always been at the centre of propagating messages for people to see and understand.  So, it’s no surprise that in these times people are consuming vast amounts of multimedia with more time at their disposal.

Customers are Consuming More Multi-Media Content

In the U.S. and UK, Global Web Index found that over 80% of consumers say they are consuming more content since the outbreak. Broadcast TV and online videos (YouTube, TikTok) are the primary mediums across all generations and genders!

According to Global Web Index at least half of these people, 50%, will continue to engage in multimedia content, even after the outbreak subsides.  This shift in customer habits and behavior offers businesses a fantastic opportunity to create new customer relationships and maintain the ones that already exist by growing business-related multimedia content!  This is an opportunity to be seized!

‘Seize the opportunity’ approach and invest more in multimedia marketing.

Our Multi-Media Design Team

Our designers have grabbed their ammunition: pens, pencils and digital styluses and are ready to create multimedia content that is supportive and informative, catering to your business’s needs!

These are some of the ways our designers and experts can help:

  1. Create digital display ads and online video
  2. Beef-up pending RFP’s with graphics and video
  3. Create social media content
  4. Update your website
  5. Rethink and rebrand your social responsibilities

Feel free to contact us, in order to get you started.

Summary – Should businesses invest in multimedia advertising during COVID-19?

­­If we were to focus on the epitome of how COVID-19 is affecting multimedia advertising, we would conclude that the growth of global video usage has increased substantially.  That humanity is seeking knowledge, trust and comfort, and that we as socially responsible employers and employees have the obligation to contribute as the best we can, whilst maintaining and growing our successes.

The creatively talented individuals of the BRM team are here to support you.