Jim Crocker Corporate Governance Speaker and Facilitator

Corporate Governance Speaker Shares High Profile Lessons Learned

Jim Crocker, Chair of Boardroom Metrics is a seasoned corporate governance speaker and facilitator.

Jim has consulted in the field of corporate governance for many years. He was first exposed to the challenges of strong corporate governance as a public company CEO. As a Director, Jim has participated on a wide range of public, private and not-for-profit Boards of Directors.

As a consultant, Jim works with Boards and Leadership Teams on corporate governance effectiveness including Board structure and composition; Board and CEO evaluations; and, Board leadership and oversight of the strategic planning process.

When engaged as a corporate governance speaker, Jim shares real life insight on corporate governance success and failure. The lessons learned for Boards of Directors are thought-provoking, motivating and helpful. There are two primary presentations that Jim makes when he speaks on corporate governance:

  1. In his presentation ‘From Good to Gone’ Jim shares insight from well-known and highly public governance failures. Jim’s examples are familiar and logical. They are a reminder of how common Board and governance failures are – and what all of us as Directors should keep in mind as we go about our governance duties.
  2. Jim’s presentation ‘Governance Best Practices’ is for organizations seeking greater clarity on the meaning of corporate governance, the role of the Board and the key elements a Board must master to operate effectively. This presentation frequently appeals to family and other private businesses, start-ups, associations and not-for-profits. However, the lessons apply equally well to a public company Board seeking greater governance effectiveness.

Jim has an engaging, informal speaking style. His skills as a trained facilitator ensure all members of the audience are included.

This link includes more information on Jim’s corporate governance presentations.

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