Edward Watson
Edward WatsonTechnical Writer, Proposals
Government, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Construction, IT, Energy

RFP Proposal Specialist | Technical Writer

Ed is the go-to expert for very large pursuits that require a structured and analytical response. He is an expert on correlative anthologies – works that have multiple contributors that need to speak with a single voice and message. Some of these would be RFPs, RFP responses or proposals, RFIs, RFQs, ITTs, project execution plans, and other major project documentation that have multiple contributors.

The most successful project documents comply with the required frame—the what and how of what is needed. What is the owner asking, how do they expect the response to appear, and, if possible, why are they asking what they’re asking?

This requires the creation of a matrix to capture all deliverables.

Another frame is yours:

  • What do you want the RFP, RFI document to look like?
  • What are your RFP requirements and preferences?

Ed specializes in writing winning proposals for projects above $50 million. Outside of the RFP world, Ed has worked on nearly a dozen billion-dollar TIC projects, and over thirty above $50 million. He has written over 400 major project documents and around a thousand other documents over the past twenty years – half of which was in the IT/IS sector where he wrote dozens of user manuals and hundreds of procedures for software and hardware applications.

As a notable example, Ed wrote the 1100-page DE Phase Project Execution Plan for the $8.5 billion (now $9.7 billion) North West Redwater Sturgeon Refinery Units 70/90 – the first new major refinery in North America in thirty years.

As for proposals, Ed’s most recent wins in the past two months totalled around $400 million in the infrastructure, maintenance, and services industries.

Engaging Ed requires a conversation for maximum effectiveness:

  • Do you have a style guide and template that you want Ed to use?
  • Who are the different subject matter experts that Ed needs to interface with to obtain technical information?
  • What is your document review and approval process?
  • Do you have project sheets that need to be used for work experience?
  • Do you want Ed to facilitate the deliverable meetings or just the package?
  • Do you need Ed to access your document management system or just interface with your document control rep?

Sure, Ed can write things from scratch. But at the end of the day, it is your document, and you should get the best possible value for your investment.

But Ed doesn’t just make sure the document is written accurately; he edits and harmonizes the different deliverables to blend them into one voice and makes it visually appealing.

In addition to making things look good, Ed’s familiarity with dozens of disciplines allows him to identify technical or other problematic issues that could be the difference between success and failure. After all, it is better to have a QC check and catch errors before the client sees them.

Edward’s Expertise

  • Project Documentation – Write documentation for all phases of a project lifecycle (Business Development, Engineering-Procurement, Construction/Construction Management, Commissioning and Turnover, Operations and Maintenance).
  • Company Documentation – Write company and department-level documentation such as policies, specifications, standards, procedures, templates, forms, checklists, and so forth.
  • Requirements & Gap Analysis – Identify contractual and governing documentation requirements and gaps.
  • Process Mapping, Improvement, & Tracking – Identify existing work processes and develop improvements and tracking dashboards.
  • Portfolio Management – Develop a customized tool to monitor and track the monthly performance of projects and prioritize them based on client preferences (e.g., risk rank, turnaround, type). This tool identifies projects that can be executed given the annual budget, and which lack funds and need to be deferred or canceled.

Oil and Gas; Engineering; Infrastructure/Construction; Energy/Utilities; Information Technology; Maintenance, Natural Resources

Aecon; Shaw Business; Baker Hughes; Spectra Energy; Carmacks; Enbridge; CIMA+; Jacobs Canada (Jacobs Engineering); Enmax; Honeywell; Syncrude; Suncor; Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.; Nexen; ConocoPhillips Canada; Statoil Canada Ltd.; North West Redwater Partnership; Athabasca Oil Corporation; Nova Chemicals; Shell Canada Ltd.; Fort Hills Energy LP; SNC Lavalin; Terasen, Business Objects, Schenker of Canada, Fletcher Challenge


Ed Watson is available for both creating RFPs and creating RFP responses/proposals and other business writing, including complex manuals. Please contact Boardroom Metrics: 1.416.994.6552 or by email: [email protected]