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Corporate Governance and RFP Proposal Writing

Boardroom Metrics Consulting

Our consulting solutions have evolved over the years as our clients and expertise have evolved.

Originally a management consulting company focused on operating issues, in 2008 we formally recognized the demand from post-corporate executives and independent consultants for marketing support and interim management opportunities.

Collaborating with post-corporate Accomplished Executives and successful independent consultants proved to be a natural synergy, enabling us to provide consulting, coaching and interim management expertise for clients in a range of business areas including corporate governance, strategy, marketing, social media and learning.

Over the past ten years our business become significantly more focused

Corporate Governance

Spurred by significant interest from Associations and other private business groups in the United States and Canada, most of our consulting work now is focused on Board governance and strategy consulting. Many private organizations are maturing, and Boards of Directors are moving away from operations to oversight. Board governance and strategy consulting go hand in hand. Boards seeking strong corporate governance are recognizing their role in strategic planning and risk mitigation.

RFP Writing, Proposal Response

Our RFP writing, proposal response practice was originally founded by a Boardroom Metrics Accomplished Executive in 2011. Now, there are eight professional writers, two graphic designers and a project co-ordinator. RFP response writing is a core Boardroom Metrics consulting service.

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