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The Boardroom Metrics Governance and Strategy store provides digital governance tools and governance-themed physical merchandise. These products are for Boards and other corporate leaders. We have been working in governance and strategy for many years. We understand the challenges that leaders have with both and have tried to capture that in our offering.

In the Boardroom Metrics Digital Downloads section are two downloads – a CEO evaluation template and a Board evaluation template. These templates reflect the approach Boardroom Metrics uses when evaluating CEOs and Boards. These templates are helpful for Boards seeking a pre-made tool for conducting a CEO or Board evaluation.

Currently, we are building the book secti0n. Oversight of the CEO is key Board role. Books in this section are helpful for Boards and CEOs seeking to understand the CEO better.

Governance Digital Download Tools from Boardroom Metrics

CEO Evaluation Template – $4.99

This CEO performance evaluation template is helpful for Boards seeking to conduct a Board-driven evaluation of the CEO. It focuses on specific performance areas and leadership skills of the CEO. The template can be easily customized based on your CEO and on your organization’s specific needs. Also, it can be input to on-line survey tools for distribution to the Board, CEO and other evaluators. CEO’s don’t mind being evaluated if they feel they are being evaluated fairly, based on the most important elements of their role. This evaluation accommodates that and provides feedback on objective and subjective measures determined important by the Board and CEO.

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CEO Evaluation Template + Board Evaluation Template – $6.99

This download contains two helpful templates including the CEO Evaluation above and a Board Evaluation. Most governance Boards conduct both evaluations as part of their on-going governance process. The Board evaluation template measures the Board’s oversight effectiveness as well as the critical elements of Board effectiveness including Board composition, information, processes, leadership and culture. 

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Role of the CEO

Evaluating CEO and Board Performance offers board members information on the importance of evaluation as part of a greater systematic view of governance.

A CEO Only Does Three Things zeroes in on the three pillars of business: culture, people, and numbers.

An unlikely guide distills the seemingly infinite list of leadership perils into the five temptations of a CEO.