Ken Steven
Ken StevenMarketing Strategy
Expertise: Business Growth Strategies, Inbound Marketing, Online Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Ken’s specialty is helping clients achieve strategic business growth through branding and marketing. Over the past 20+ years as a marketing and branding consultant, Ken has helped public and private organizations including NFP’s grow their awareness, sales and profits, often by 100% or more.

When you meet with Ken for the first time, he’s going to ask you two questions:

If you can’t, this is where he’ll start laying the foundation for your business growth. There is no point in spending all kinds of time and money creating sales and marketing materials that talk about what makes you the same as your competitors. You want to focus your time and money on those things that make you better or meaningfully different instead. In order to figure out what that is for you, Ken will study your key competitors to determine what they offer and where they are missing opportunities to fill the needs and wants of your customer prospects.

Most businesses think of their customer prospects in demographic terms. The problem with this is that sales and marketing materials get written with a one-size-fits-all approach, but not everyone within a demographic audience thinks the same way.

Buyer Personas go far beyond simple demographic descriptions of your target customers. They get right down to the emotional core of the buyer type, uncovering the pain points relating to your products/services that keep them awake at night. They uncover the goals these people have in using the solution you offer, where they go to find information about your type of solution, the experience they are looking for and the most common objections that they have.

Understanding your customer prospects at the emotional level is important, because people buy on emotion and rationalize with facts. Ken will help you uncover the 20% of buyer personas that account for 80% of your revenue potential.

Armed with your unique market or brand positioning and your buyer personas (i.e. what makes you better or different and for whom), Ken can then help you craft a compelling sales message to grow your business using a combination of traditional
outbound marketing, inbound marketing, and online marketing. He’ll be happy to meet with you to explain exactly how he would do that for you.

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