Karen McElroy
Karen McElroyCEO - Interim Solutions
Industries: Management Consulting, Recruiting


Matching hiring managers’ needs related to recruiting executives, consultants, coaches, rfp writers and subject matter experts for full-time, part-time, project and interim roles in Canada, Spain and the U.S.

What every Consultant and Candidate tells us is that if “I could just get in front of the right Client or Hiring Manager – I can easily sell my services.” What I do helps them achieve that goal.

My role is to help you clearly define and differentiate your expertise with the goal of attracting Clients, opportunities and Projects via our strong business network and the web, ensuring you stand out from your peers in this busy global marketplace.

As a Consultant to Consultants, I guide Coaches, Mentors and Interim leaders through their transition process, from corporate positions to developing a thriving independent entrepreneurial practice.

Differentiate you from the thundering herd of independent consultants and candidates
Clearly define who the ideal Buyer is of your Solutions
Ensure Clients and Hiring Managers can easily find you
Get you in front of them
Keep you there

Stand out from the mass of consulting companies and job seekers
Define why you do what you do – and how that makes you incredibly important to a Client

Web Profile Creation
Strategy around Content creation and publishing
Web leads and referrals
Customized SEO for your Web Profile

Opportunities are world-wide.

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Please contact me in Toronto/GTA:
Telephone: 1-416-994-6552 | Email: [email protected]