Ian Oliver

About Ian Oliver

Ian Oliver brings over 20 years of leadership experience across sectors in Television, Broadband and Telecom. As a Boardroom Metrics Consultant Ian moves effortlessly between the front-line of the business and the boardroom, working with Clients to make critical decisions and effect long term change.

Delivering Your Biggest Technology Order – Project Management is the Key

So, as the CEO of a growing technology company and having landed your biggest order ever, you take the advice of a trusted friend to put a project manager in charge of delivering your biggest order. It is certainly a good idea to treat your biggest order as a project, simply because it is big [...]

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A Challenge in Growing Your Technology Company

Delivering Your Biggest Order Ever – Project or Adventure? Adventures always suck while you’re having them.  And, sometimes an adventure will kill your growing technology company. On the other hand, a project that results in delivering the Biggest Order Ever, will realize lasting growth for the company - and nobody dies. Adventures are what happen [...]

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Managing Your Growing Technology Company

So, you’ve landed the biggest order ever, bigger than anything your technology company has ever done. Now what?

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