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A Baby Boomer herself, Tina has been an International Marketing Expert for the past 25 years. Acquiring the Social Media skills needed for the next phase in her journey as an opinion leader on Baby Boomer trends, she is reflecting on the world around her. She too is embarking on a new retirement lifestyle that will allow her to evolve gracefully while working and connecting to the world around her.

How Will the New Baby Boomer Retirement Lifestyle Shape the World?

What impact will Baby Boomer retirement lifestyle decisions have on the physical makeup of cities, government policies and the building industry? Plenty! My earlier blog ,What do we really want, makes it pretty clear that we are a very diverse groups with some very specific needs. These needs lead to 5 Real Estate Trends that [...]

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11 Must Haves in Baby Boomer Homes for a Better Retirement Lifestyle

"As a baby boomer, I want to be happy with my retirement lifestyle!" Identifying the specifics of what it is we are looking for in our next home is key to finding that happiness. Our diversity, as I mentioned in my first blog has made it clear that there is no “one size fits all” [...]

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5 Real Estate Trends That Define Baby Boomer Retirement Lifestyle

How are we going to decide on OUR retirement lifestyle? As a Boomer I know there is no “one size fits all” approach to moving past “midlife”. We are pioneering a new kind of retirement lifestyle to fit how we want our lives to unfold. Like all pioneers, we know where we want to go [...]

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Baby Boomer Housing Trends – What Do We Really Want?

Boomers are changing retirement lifestyles and creating new baby boomer housing trends!  We want our housing to reflect our new active adult retirement lifestyle. We are not interested in senior ghettos with one room bed-sits. We don’t see ourselves as growing old; we are just going through another lifestyle change.  And we fully intend to [...]

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