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Fred Aubin is the Practice Director, Corporate Strategy for Boardroom Metrics Inc. Fred is also the CEO of Strategic Red Team Consulting (SRTC) an Ottawa-based alliance of ex-military senior Commanders that excels at commercial intelligence, strategic planning, business wargaming and red teaming.
  • The Art of Strategy

The “Art” of Strategy

A great captain once said, “the best strategies are ones that leadership can communicate in a single picture”. There’s a lot to be said for that. Yet, in the past few years of dealing with corporate strategy development, I’ve been seeing the exact opposite. More often than not, companies trot out multiple binders of documents [...]

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  • Corporate Wargaming

Wargaming: Mitigate Corporate Risk –Test Strategic Business Planning

Militaries rehearse, actors rehearse, singers rehearse … so what if companies rehearsed? Would it improve the development and execution of strategic business planning and help mitigate corporate risk? The following is written by guest blogger Lieutenant Colonel (ret'd) Fred Aubin. Fred is the CEO of Strategic Red Team Consulting (SRTC). SRTC is an Ottawa-based strategy [...]

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