Risk Assessment

Information Security is really Risk Management. Change your Perspective

Information Security in some organizations is considered to be a roadblock to doing business. In some cases, unfortunately, this has been true, and it’s because the business do not view information security as risk management, and because IT do not present it as such. Most organizations have a risk management function, and business units deal [...]

  • Corporate Wargaming

Wargaming: Mitigate Corporate Risk –Test Strategic Business Planning

Militaries rehearse, actors rehearse, singers rehearse … so what if companies rehearsed? Would it improve the development and execution of strategic business planning and help mitigate corporate risk? The following is written by guest blogger Lieutenant Colonel (ret'd) Fred Aubin. Fred is the CEO of Strategic Red Team Consulting (SRTC). SRTC is an Ottawa-based strategy [...]

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The Need for a Holistic Approach to Corporate Security

The current global marketplace is characterized by fierce competition and management teams within organizations must constantly strive to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Security risks exert a great deal of pressure on executives to mitigate losses and keep company assets safe and secure. Security threats can affect every level of a firm and typically embody two [...]

What is the difference between collection scores and other types of risk scores?

I am frequently asked  “What is the difference between collection scores and other types of risk scores”? A risk score is built to predict the likelihood of an account going into delinquency within a specified time frame (often a 2 year time-frame).  It will find the “bad accounts in a larger group of predominately “good” [...]