Business Turnaround

Brand Redevelopment and the Marketplace

Greg Berube - Strategic Brand Development The Brand’s a “train wreck”……..! We’ve all seen it, heard it and sensed it – a brand in a downward spiral with no hope or leadership or clear thinking to pull it from the fire. How can a brand fall from a place of prestige in such a short [...]

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Maybe It’s Me … But this is Retail!

In her recent Globe and Mail article Marina Strauss did her usual great job covering the impact, real and imagined, on Canadian retail as more U.S. operators prepare to enter the market. Nordstrom’s legendary customer service was illustrated by the story of an associate who drove 200 kilometers to return a customer’s bag as she [...]

A Dead Brand!

I can’t believe what I’m hearing or what I’m reading – the brain trust at RIM still believe they are in the running. Their CEO clearly doesn’t listen to the news or is trapped in a utopian dream.

Strategic Choice to Guide Succession and Management Planning

In the recent changes and performance at RIM, shareholders should be asking themselves did the Board ever discuss Corporate Strategy with CEO and Management Succession (SMP). With the appointment of Mr. Heins, his priority was to conduct a situation analysis that has resulted in many actions and speculations.  At their recent AGM, shareholders were updated [...]

75% of Advertising Campaigns are a Failure

This is not new news – however it strikes me as very odd that people and companies continue to pour dollars into advertising campaigns expecting huge results.

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Why Team Selling Can Lead To Increased Customer Satisfaction

Second in a series on Sales & Marketing Integration… Whether your organization operates in a B2C or B2B environment, whether your company is large or small, or whether you sell products or services, your salespeople are facing exponential change in today’s competitive marketplace. Salespeople have traditionally had a more tactical focus. However, the pace of [...]

Why Knowledge Based Selling can Improve your Sales and Marketing ROI

First in a series on Sales & Marketing Integration...  “Nothing happens until someone sells something”. This old quote has been attributed to Henry Ford, Peter Drucker, and Thomas Watson, amongst others. I think it’s out-dated, and more importantly, risky since it supports a silo mentality in companies. Synergy is basically free, and knowledge builds synergy [...]

Investing in Sales Training Blog Series #2: When NOT to Invest in Sales Training

Here’s a list of 6 steps that might suggest you should not invest in sales training: 1.  Do you have the right people worth investing in? Do they have what it takes to be successful in the first place? As my dad used to say – “You can’t put in – what God left out!" [...]