Five Things You May Not Know About Logo Design

The logo design challenge. Logos are a bit of an anomaly in the design world. It is a tough challenge to create something that is unique, memorable, long-lasting, and helps to achieve your overall business goals. Here are five things to think about when you're thinking of designing or redesigning your logo: 1. Telling the [...]

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The 5 Hidden Benefits of Branding

Branding is worth the investment - a unique own-able Brand Strategy will separate you from your competitors, increase your revenues and provide a few hidden benefits. As your Brand Strategy is developed and activated, you’re Brand Positioning will start to take effect and awareness will grow – this may take a little time, but soon [...]

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5 Reasons to Invest in Your Brand

Why invest in your brand? Your brand is the foundation and face of your business - it should always clearly differentiate you from your competition. It doesn’t matter the size of business or structure - your Brand is the first exposure your customers and target audience have with your product or service. You only have [...]

Brand Protection – Who Owns What?

  Now that you’ve spent a considerable amount of time, developing and creating your Brand, it’s important to protect it. The chance of your Brand being misused is better than you think. The damage done can be irreversible and expensive to undo!   Here are some steps to provide better protection of your brand: FILE [...]

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Brand Maintenance

  Most organizations neglect the forward thinking of their Brand, the majority of organizations generally breathe a sigh of relief when the Brand has been determined – “there, that’s done” is generally the attitude. Nothing could be further from the truth.   Successful brand maintenance has become a survival factor for businesses. To develop, shape, [...]

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Anatomy of a Re-Brand

Most companies and people don’t understand the time and effort that it takes to Re-Brand an organization. Not to mention the dollars and resources involved. At some point during your brand’s life cycle, or evolution, a “Re-Branding” will be required.   The reasons for this exercise can be varied: Change in direction – The brand [...]

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When Brands Fail

  Branding should be seen as a fluid part of any organization – it must adapt to the changing marketplace and the consumer’s needs and wants. This is paramount in the life cycle of any Brand. As an audience shifts, their needs will also alter.  A good Brand Strategy will take this into account. You [...]

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Brand Strategy by the Numbers

Today's brand environment has become a virtual war zone -- brands competing for attention – too many brands and not enough eyeballs. It’s always been difficult for a brand to maintain its presence or dominance of the landscape and still survive as a meaningful and relevant communication tool. As time marches on, brands can become [...]

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