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As the Digital Media Coordinator for Boardroom Metrics, Amanda's expertise is found in her ability to leverage personal branding through social and digital means.
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Meetup as a Tool for Leveraging your Personal Brand

As a young professional, I know the challenges of networking and finding the right places to be to leverage your personal brand in such a busy city like Toronto. Having lived here my whole life, I have the upper hand knowledge of knowing what works and what doesn't. Toronto, like any other city, is full [...]

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7 Factors to Consider When Preparing to Showcase your Personal Brand

Branding as a professional is the most important tool to take advantage of when enhancing your reputation as an expert in your field. Using this powerful tool has the ability to create associated credibility, value and quality among those within your target audience. In other words, it's your bread and butter when others are asked [...]

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10 Reasons To Use A LinkedIn Strategy For Professional Branding

There are 200 million LinkedIn users online today and the numbers are growing each day - but what does that mean for business professionals? The bottom line is that you should be using LinkedIn as an integral part of your professional branding strategy. Here are my top 10 reasons why you should log in right [...]

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How To Brand Yourself And Why Personal Branding Matters

So why do you need to know how to brand yourself? In today's world, we are constantly bombarded with personalities, attitudes, opinions, advice and tips, but at the end of the day, who do we trust? Who do we rely on? Who comes to mind when you need help? When breaking things down simply, we [...]