Successful Community Marketing Programs

Community marketing builds brand love By Ron Caughlin – Innovative Marketer and Storyteller When does a community marketing program really resonate with your target audience? When thinking about marketing programs that stick and truly drive commitment to the brand, one can’t miss the Tim Hortons long standing Timbits Sports Program.  I had the opportunity work [...]

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Route to Market Series #4 – Have you Expanded into New Channels of Distribution?

Route to Market – is your sales organization optimized?  When was the last time you reviewed the structure of your Sales Organization? How has the marketplace changed since then? Many Companies review their business strategy on a regular basis, but very few pause to look at the selling environment they are competing in and the appropriateness [...]

The Introduction of Retail Brands into the local Minefield

It’s all good and fine to assume that if a Retail concept works in one market it will work in another. Unfortunately that’s not always the case.  Just ask The Sport Authority, Hickory Farms, Krispy Kreme, Canadian Tire, Tim Hortons, or Marks & Spencer. While all have been wildly successful in their home markets they [...]

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The Dreams (or nightmares) of Franchisors….Herding Cats?!?

By Tom Norwell, February 17, 2012 There is a time that a Franchisor inevitably ask themselves why some of their Franchisees bought the franchise in the first place.  The answer usually lies in how the relationship is initially handled by the Franchisor.  Usually a Franchisee comes into a system with good intentions; to leverage the [...]

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