Here’s a list of 6 steps that might suggest you
should not invest in sales training:

1.  Do you have the right people worth investing in? Do they have what it takes to be successful in the first place? As my dad used to say – “You can’t put in – what God left out!”

2.  Do the people to be trained – have “intellectual humility” – meaning they accept that they often “don’t know what they don’t know”.

3,  Are they open to change and do they have a natural sense of curiosity about people and things.

4.  Do they have the right attitude about training itself – a belief-in  continuous self-improvement and not looking for “quick fixes”.

5.  Do you have any “hostages” who “know it all” and who could be disruptive in any training you might be doing. They should be disqualified or dealt with before any training begins as they pollute the environment for those who do want to learn.

6.  If you or your sales people are “comfortable” where you/or they are and lack the necessary motivation to do the “new” behaviour that training implies – this again should be a disqualification.

Taking care of steps 1 to 6 will ensure you have the right people in training
to enhance your chances that you will see a decent ROI.

Next we will look at…  6 Ways to get maximum ROI from your sales training