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Snowden, Security & Privacy

In June of 2013, Edward Snowden leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA). The leaked information revealed a number of surveillance programs that had been initiated by the NSA, and other international intelligence agencies throughout the world. These programs were keeping tabs on US citizens as well as foreign officials and dignitaries. They [...]

Governments are also Targets for Hackers

Most of us are aware that Canadian, USA and other governments are under constant attack from other sovereign nations, usually for the purposes of obtaining military or economic information. Many of us also know that our own governments have similar programs in place. However, there are many others out there who also try to hack [...]

Information Security – Separate or Integrate?

You’ve decided you need to set up an Information Security group in your IT department, or perhaps you already have one but it is not performing to your expectations. One of the decisions you have to make is whether to integrate IT security within your current structure or to keep some of it separate from [...]

Information Security is really Risk Management. Change your Perspective

Information Security in some organizations is considered to be a roadblock to doing business. In some cases, unfortunately, this has been true, and it’s because the business do not view information security as risk management, and because IT do not present it as such. Most organizations have a risk management function, and business units deal [...]

Do You Have a Strong Information Security Awareness Program?

You’ve analyzed the risks and decided to implement an Information Security Awareness Program for your employees. What should you include in such a program? The following provides some examples of what you should be telling your staff about in any Information Security Awareness Program. Personal Information Security: Many employees do not believe information security in [...]

IT Security Alert!!! Are Your Employees Endangering You?

Your employees could be the greatest danger when it comes to IT security and protecting your organization’s information. You have ensured that some of the best technology available has been deployed to protect your organization: firewalls, anti-virus, web filtering and more, but what have you done to educate and empower your staff on information security [...]

  • Understanding and Managing IT risks

IT Risk Management – Understanding and Managing your IT Risks

As IT Leaders, we must be able to understand the risks we face, and how to address them. Understanding and managing your IT risks by categorizing them and then rating them are the first steps in being able to address IT risk. Here are the steps you should take to begin managing your IT risks [...]

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  • consumerization of IT

Top Mistakes IT Leaders make with the Consumerization of IT

For a number of years now, IT has been confronted with what is known as the consumerization of IT. We used to have complete control: “you can’t have that”; “you can’t do this”; “you can only have access to these”. All of that changed with the introduction of the personal smartphone and tablet computing. No [...]

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