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As a Technology thought-leader and advisor on 4 continents, Grant Skinner has a deep-rooted understanding of business issues and requirements. He is available for Tech and Software Consulting projects and Executive Interim assignments across Canada and internationally.
  • Changing IT Priorities

IT Planning –Things you need to know to prioritize IT projects

Compared to anytime in the past business leadership today is faced with a significant increase in the amount of IT decisions to be made. If it was a simple matter of “more” that would be okay, but it is more complicated than that. The last 5 years has brought about a number of different elements [...]

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  • Information Technology strategic plan changes role of the CIO

Information Technology Strategic Plan Will Change CIOs Job Spec

Without exception the role of the CIO has changed and along with that, so have the responsibilities. In a nut shell the job spec is brand new. This means some significant realignment will be needed with the rest of the business in terms of direction, engagement and objectives as you craft your next Information Technology [...]

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  • IT Project Planning

6 IT Planning Steps Ensure Successful IT Project Implementation

There are a number of reasons why companies identify, plan and execute Information Technology projects including: The old system is broken and/or at the “end of life”; The new system will streamline business processes; A new system will improve customer experience and satisfaction; The company will save money with new capabilities. The planned IT project [...]

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