Greg Berube – Strategic Brand Development

It always astonishes me – organizations will spend money on their Brand, get everything right and then it just sits there – dormant in the everyday life of the business.

Using your Brand to help in the sales process just makes sense.  As we’ve spoken before, your Brand identifies you and your organization. Your Brand also precedes you – most organizations will have made the decision to buy prior to your arrival and based on your Brand its image and values.

People want to buy from people they like and trust – you can extend this to your brand and your brand’s story.

  1. Positive Image – Let your Brand’s positive image carry your message, let it lead. With your Brand’s image shining brightly – work to place yourself or your product in the limelight – the story will drag you along.
  2. Global Thinking – Every Brand must pay attention to the global marketplace. World economies are very closely tied to each other. Developing your brand to be in tune with the global economy will speak volumes as a selling tool.
  3. Community Driven – Your Brand’s ability to place itself deeply within the current community (locally) will give it serious credibility. With Credibility comes responsibility then accountability will aid in closing any sales processes.
  4. Grass Routes – Your Brand’s ability to include the grass route users will result in brand communicators and disciples – these people will actually develop sales (they will become brand carriers and disciples) for your product – treat these people well, reward them.
  5. Communicate – Stay in touch – simple – whatever method you choose – be determined, keep it simple and keep it consistent. Tell the story let people find an entry point – great brands tell great stories.
  6. Evolve – As you evolve your brand – you will allow other people the opportunity to gain entry to your brand and your products, clearly this will increase sales. It will be important to follow your target plus new ones to allow everyone the change to try your brand and you the chance to increase your revenue.

Without an understanding of your brand or the power it holds it will become more of a liability than an asset. Use the power of your brands story to unlock or create sales. Nobody wants to be sold but everyone wants to buy – let the consumer’s power drive your brands relevance and revenues.